Our Vision


ABC encourages men and women to find their happiness in God through loving God and loving each other. The families of ABC gather together each Sunday and throughout the week to sing God's praises, to offer prayers to Him, to hear His revealed Word preached, and to compassionately care for one another. 

We all serve side-by-side to promote the worship of Jesus in Rappahannock, Fauquier, and Culpeper Counties and to the ends of the earth. As all biblical congregations throughout history and across the globe, ABC exists to spread the worship of the one true God.

Reconciliation with God.

God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him (John Piper).  Reconciliation with God creates a complete satisfaction in life. Jesus taught the lady at the well as recorded in John 4, drink from this well and you will continually be thirsty. But drink from Me and your thirst will be quenched and satisfied. 

Our sinful nature drinks from the world's wells to find peace, hope, joy, and love. The lady in John 4 could not find these jewels of life from the five men she thought she loved. These eternal gems are only found in our redemptive life in Jesus Christ who we have been reconciled. 

Reconciliation with others.

Humility before God is absent unless we have humility towards one another (Andrew Murray - "Humility"). If we don't love one another, we can't say we love God . The "Great Commandment" Jesus gave his disciples was to love one another (John 13).  Jesus is emphatic that a Christian is to forgive (Matthew 6). Sadly, unforgiveness is the cancer of the church today. 

However at Amissville, we strive to love each other unconditionally. To show grace to each other just as Jesus displayed His grace towards us. We realize our sinfulness; thus, we realize the greatness of God amazing grace. The healing balm for the cancer within the church is applying grace to one another.

The Amissville Family:

A story of God's amazing grace.

Amissville was organized on December 29,1888 and the current location was purchased for 300 dollars. The church began with 36 members and within a year the membership had grown to 91. Through the decades, Amissville has been faithful to the advancement of the kingdom of God. The church expanded  structurally and numerically over the decades as well. Currently, the church is revisioning its place in the kingdom of God of how best to make disciples to reach the generations for Jesus' glory.