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According to the Scriptures and the ABC church covenant, Christians should freely give from their income as they are able to support the church, to expand the worship of the one true God, and to care for hurting. To give to ABC, you can leave gifts in the offering plate on Sunday or click on the link below. All gifts go into the ABC general fund. Thank you for supporting the gospel ministry of Amissville Baptist Church. 

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ABC's Budget Broken Down By Dollar

$0.13 of every dollar given to the ABC General Fund goes to state and international missions. ABC uses $0.10 of every dollar in the General Fund to facilitate Bible studies, Sunday School, children's programs, and church fellowships. ABC uses $0.60 of every dollar in the General Fund to support their pastors, office staff, and interns. The remaining $0.17 is used to maintain ABC's facilities and to pay bills so that ABC is well positioned for the future.