During the Week

Sunday Night Online Bible Study: Conversion

Are you a Christian? It is a straightforward, yet complex question. Thousands of people have gone through classes, prayed prayers, and gotten baptized and yet feel no closer to Jesus than an atheist lighting his happy thoughts candle. Are the above people Christians? Have they been truly converted, repenting of our sins and believe on Jesus for salvation? Have we been truly converted? How do we tell?

Over the next seven weeks, your ABC family will be answering these questions and a host of other ones as we begin our Bible Study on conversion. The study will begin on Sunday night, August 23, 2020 at 6:30 PM on Google Meeting (similar to ZOOM). (Let us know if you have questions)

Pastor Peter will give a brief lecture 15-20 min lecture. We will spend the rest of the hour discussing the workbook: “Real Change: Conversion.” If you plan to attend online, please email pastor Peter @ biblefighter.com. 

We will be ordering workbooks for each attendee. If you want to dive deeper into the study, you can also request a copy of “Conversion” by Michael Lawerence when you email pastor Peter.

We will hand out workbooks on August 16 being with lesson one!

See you on the 23rd


Does not meet because of COVID-19

Ladies Missions' Team

Does not meet because of COVID-19

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Men's Weekly Prayer Group

Guys let's pray! Though life appears out of control the God of the universe reigns. When we are fearful, confused, hurting, thankful, joyful, or needing wisdom, we should run to the Jesus's throne through prayer!

Thursdays at 1 p.m. , the men of ABC will pray together digitally, using google meeting. 

If you have an google email address please email it to Pastor Peter at biblefighter@gmail.com. He will add you to the group and will invite you to the meeting on Thursdays at 1 p.m.! We will spend 10 minutes meditating on Scripture and then we will pray for the next twenty minutes.