During the Week

Sunday Night Online Bible Study: 

Biblical Theology Nov. 1- Dec. 13 (6:30PM)

Do you know the story of the BIble? Often churches crumble and evangelism fails because Christians get the story of the Bible wrong. In this six week study on Biblical theology, the men and women of ABC will learn that the story of the BIble is all about Jesus discovering that right doctrine promotes love, holiness, worship, evangelism, and unity. 

Over the next seven weeks (we will take off the Sunday after Thanksgiving), we will work through the booklet Biblical Theology: The Whole Truth About God. We will base our 35-40 minute discussion on the workbook. Before we get to the questions, we will pray together and pastor Peter will set the table for our discussions with a 5-7 minute devotional. Non-readers are still welcome to participate in the Bible Study.  

If you want to dig deeper into the topic grab of Biblical Theology, we encourage you to buy the accompanying book to the workbook titled, Biblical Theology: How the Church Faithfully Teaches the Gospel. 

You can get the books the next time you are at ABC or online from the links below: 

Workbook: BIblical Theology: The Whole Truth About God.  

Book: Biblical Theology: How The Church Faithfully Teaches The Gospel


The Bible Study will occur on Google Meeting (similar to ZOOM) at 6:30. You can download the Google Meet app from the Apple Store or the Google store. Or you can use your gmail account on your PC or laptop. Here is the Google Meet LInk: http://meet.google.com/unc-ksad-cqv

If you have questions, please email pastor Peter @ biblefighter.com. 

See you on the November 1 at 6:30PM on Google Meet. 


Does not meet because of COVID-19

Ladies Missions' Team

Does not meet because of COVID-19

For updates on ABC's reopening click here

Men's Weekly Prayer Group

Guys let's pray! Though life appears out of control the God of the universe reigns. When we are fearful, confused, hurting, thankful, joyful, or needing wisdom, we should run to the Jesus's throne through prayer!

Thursdays at 1 p.m. , the men of ABC will pray together digitally, using google meeting. 

If you have an google email address please email it to Pastor Peter at biblefighter@gmail.com. He will add you to the group and will invite you to the meeting on Thursdays at 1 p.m.! We will spend 10 minutes meditating on Scripture and then we will pray for the next twenty minutes.