Is the Bible Real: A One Day Interactive Seminar

If you have questions about why some books are in the Bible and others are not or about which translation to use, ABC invites you to be a part of this special one-day seminar which begins at 10AM on Saturday March 19 and will end at 2PM. In addition to hearing lectures and watching videos, students will also complete group projects designed to bring the material to life. The cost to attend is $5 per person. Lunch and a book will be provided to all attendees. Childcare is available if needed.


One Bible Four Sessions

Seminar Schedule

Session 1: Is the Old Testament Reliable: An In-depth look at How God Created the OT. 

Session 2: Is the New Testament Reliable: An in-depth Look at How God Created the NT.

Lunch: Provide By ABC

Session 3: Which English Translation is Best: A Discussion About Formal, Dynamic, and Paraphrase Translations and which one we should use.

Session 4: Is the King Version the Best Version: A Look at the Pros and Cons of this Famed Translation and how it Relates to Modern Translations and Whether or not we Should Use the KJV Today.