Reading Together

In 2023, the members of ABC will read through the Bible together using the "Bible project Reading Plan." The plan takes us through the Bible in one year. We will be reading 2-3 chapters a day (beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation) and a Psalm. We hope you will join us as we seek to read, study, and meditate upon the word of God together.

How to Participate

1. Print off a copy of the "Bible Project Reading Plan" using the link 2023 Bible Reading plan and follow along using your Bible. 

2. Pick up a copy of  the "BIble Project Reading Plan" at the ABC welcome table and follow along using your Bible. 

3. You can download the YouVersion Bible app, click on plans, click on "Find plan," type "BibleProject | The BIble" plan," click on the plan and then click start plan. Though helpful, the the digital plan does not perfectly follow the printed plan above. However since it is close to the paper plan and since it will guide you through the BIble, ABC encourages digital Bible readers to use this plan for their 2023 Bible Reading Schedule.