Reformation Day: Family Night

Join us, Sunday, Oct 31 from 4-6PM for our annual Reformation Day Celebration! This family themed party night will highlight the life and times of John Calvin, the promoter of Grace. The night will start in the sanctuary with a 15- 20 minute interactive discussion the follows Calvin's personal and theological journey from France to Geneva.

Once we wrap up things in the Sanctuary, we will head to the ABC Fellowship Hall for games and snacks. Lots of Candy and prizes will be on hand. To help catch the French vibe, we encourage both kids and adults to dress up as a French Queen, a noble Swiss Lord, a knight, a monk, or in other Renaissance costumes. We hope you and your family will join us on Oct. 31st at 4PM!

What is the Reformation?

On October 31, 1517, Luther nailed a the 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Chapel, seeking to debate the practice of indulgences, which traded divine forgiveness for earthly coins. 

Luther challenged this practice, realizing that salvation came by faith alone, through grace alone, according to the Word of God alone. Though Luther sought only to reform the church, he lit a spark that revived gospel preaching. The established church rejected Luther and forced him and the other followers of Jesus to create a new church, the protestant church (a church for those who protested the religion of the Catholic Church). 

Baptists, Lutherans, and Presbyterians and many other gospel centered churches exist today because a lone monk in Germany rediscovered the beauty of the true gospel which proclaims that Jesus saves sinners by his grace and mercy through the work of the cross! We celebrate the Reformation for without it, we would not have the gospel that we so dearly love.

Who was John Calvin

Much like Martin Luther (one of Calvin's heroes), Calvin entered the theological world without any intention of transforming theology. If anything, he longed to study and write in obscurity, preferring quiet gardens to  theological controversy. But through a series of dramatic events and a few personal failures, the French man found himself moving from Paris, France to Geneva, Switzerland where he would spend the majority of his life preaching, teaching, and living out what we know today as the doctrines of Grace. 

Join us Sunday October 31 @ 4PM to learn more about what we can learn from Calvin's success, failures and the doctrines of Grace which he frequently wrote about.